How to Beat Burnout As A Small Business Owner

How to Beat Burnout As A Small Business Owner

Small business owners often keep busy and irregular schedules to adhere to pressing deadlines and provide highest possible customer satisfaction. Since they have little or no time to relax and unwind, small business ownership frequently results in a decline of mental and physical well being regardless of their passion.

Here are six ways to identify that you are experiencing burnout:

  • Difficult work & personal relations – When your employees fall short of your expectations, owners sometimes do not take responsibility for a lack of business results and easily get irritated by any of their employees’ actions. This can only do harm for your business, as it unnecessarily increases your employees’ stress which will in turn negatively impact their work performance.
  • Health challenges – Your physical and mental health declines as you gain weight, feel depressed, experience back pain, or feel sick more often.
  • Cognitive difficulties - Your brain level of your brain functioning declines as you have difficulty with your memory, focus and emotional control.
  • Anxiety & panic attacks – You are in a constant state of stress and anxiety such that you always feel like you are on overdrive. Sometimes this may seem like a life threatening situation as you may feel shortness of breath or pain in the chest.
  • Fatigue - Regardless of the hours you sleep, you always feel completely exhausted. You will generally feel sleepy even after drinking numerous cups of coffee.
  • Feeling Overwhelmed – You may be feeling great about yourself previously, but now everything seems like it is too much to handle such that you want to find yourself a hole and not get out.

Other issues include inability to leave work, feeling less motivated by your work, increased negativity, and lacking satisfaction in almost everything you do. Eventually, you stop taking care of yourself as you used to, which may contribute to poor health and low energy.

Here is what should you do to mitigate the impact of burnout:

  • Plan Effectively - Set goals, develop an effective strategy, and prepare adequately to manage each task. Know what your client expectations are as well as resources, such as personnel and materials required to accomplish it. Compose a plan for each project to effectively prioritize and allocate resources.
  • Outsource - Outsource time-consuming tasks that are necessary to your business yet are outside of your core area of expertise. This will reduce the level in which you are overwhelmed. For example, outsourcing digital marketing for your business will allow you to increase the visibility of your business effectively, while saving the costs of hiring a full time marketing department and providing the highest level of service for your customers. A reputable marketing outsourced marketing department will prove to be an exceptional investment if they understand the full dynamics of your business effectively, which improves how they can tailor the marketing to the unique needs of your business.
  • Take Breaks - Do not overwork yourself for a long time regardless of your deadlines. Work within your limits and take days off as needed to restore your energy to make effective business decisions.
  • Share With Someone - Sharing issues in your business with others builds trust with others who are close to you and gets them off your head. Talk to someone about your challenges and how you envision correcting them. Discussing your business issues with a trusted business consultant can result overcoming burnout in the most focused, effective, and timely manner. This should be a strong consideration because your burnout probably is related to an issue that is impacting results in your business. Even if you do not get direct help or support, sharing takes the pressure off your head and heart.
  • Change Your Routine - Alter your routine to create variation as you will get bored doing the same activities. You could travel a different route to your business, change the time in which you take break, or change the position of your desk, and the color of your office. Change often stimulates your mind and makes you more productive.
  • Track And Evaluate Your Work - Keep a diary of your emotional distress or fatigue to take action to eliminate stressors. When you are stressed, take note of the time, the people around you, and what you were doing at the time.
  • Eat well – While it can sound basic, eating three square meals of healthy vegetables, fruit, and lean protein can combat burnout effectively. Minimizing caffeine and sugar helps out too as introducing these to your diet can increase anxiety.
  • Massage – While it is very challenging to get many of these as a small business owner, it is very effective at calming your worn out nervous system.

To deal with burnout as a small business owner, you must first recognize its existence, and identify what is causes it.Tackle the causes rather than dealing with the consequences, and you will increase your likelihood of business success.

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