How To Improve Public Relations When Dealing With Angry Customers

How To Improve Public Relations When Dealing With Angry Customers

Public Relations (PR) proactively builds relationships with the media and target consumers by communicating with the general public to elevate a company’s brand. In essence, PR boosts your marketing initiatives by influencing your current and prospective customer’s influence their decision of doing business with your company since it influences their perceptions. This can be extended to dealing with unhappy customers that may be vocal due to a problem that exists that will inevitably occur in your business.

Here are three ways to boost your marketing initiatives using PR when dealing with unhappy customers:

  • Act Fast

    The ideal effectiveness of marketing and public relations heavily relies on releasing information at a strategic time. Whenever negative information circulates about your company, time is of essence. Trying to wish it away or procrastination will only exacerbate the damage to your brand.

    When responding to negative commentary, remain calm and collected to avoid escalating hostilities. Identify who is providing the commentary, determine when they are likely to be available, and construct a message consistent with what they need to hear that would be the quickest avenue to use in order to pacify them.

  • Be Proactive

    PR should not be used as an umbrella that is drawn only when it rains. People looking at your interventions will not take it seriously because they only consider it as PR. In contrast, PR is supposed to be a continuous engagement with your clients that provides them with a consistent and persistent stream of information that strengthens relationships with them.

    When nothing bad is happening to your brand, you might feel that you are bothering your clients with any PR that you release. However, your business should build rapport with them to improve confidence when times are good by releasing appealing information on a regular basis. When the need to hear from you arises, followers and loyal clients will rush first to your company’s communication channels to hear what is new and exciting. They want to experience content that is aligned with their interests and needs. This strategy will help maintain relationships when mistakes are made.

  • Own It Up

    Brands must be ready to take the good with the bad as you will face an incredible confidence challenges along the journey of growing your business. There is nothing as mature and appealing as owning up to your mistake, whether it would be something like a spoiled product or employee misbehavior. When acknowledge and fix these mistakes, clients view the situation as genuine and will accept the your business offers.

    This admittance can improve the image of your brand since clients gain confidence that any mistakes will be resolved with dignity. This level of maturity and responsibility could help you win over disgruntled clients from your competitors.

  • Take Some Time For Yourself

    After dealing with an unhappy customer, take a break from what you are doing to clear your head to ensure that the experience with dealing with the unhappy customer does not spill into you making errors in other areas of your work. Treat yourself to a short walk, a snack, or interact with someone that makes you laugh to relieve the stress that has developed.

It is impossible to divorce PR from marketing as both of them need to be perfectly timed, responsive, persistent and consistent. The focus should be prioritized on the customers who matter more to mitigate wasting time and resources on those who do not use your products or services less often. A coordinated PR and marketing strategy will make your interactions cost effective, impactful, and could turn your critics into some of your most loyal promoters.

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