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8 Clever Ways to Grow your Business on Instagram

With the rise of social media marketing, Instagram has not been spared as well. As I write this article, I’ll ask you one question, is your business on Instagram? After six years Instagram was launched, it has over 600,000,000 active users.

If you are seeking to grow your business via Instagram, here are some of the clever ways you can employ:

  1. Optimize your Profile Page

    On social media platforms, consistency is always key, and Instagram is no exception. Choose a business name that isn’t already taken and upload your logo as a profile picture, which helps people identify who you are in an instant. Additionally, Instagram offers you an opportunity to add your tagline; remember to keep it brief and precise, in addition to summing up what your brand is. Lastly, remember to link back to your business website.

  2. Cross Promote

    For those with a large following on other social media platforms, they can take advantage of that by cross promoting. Advertise your Instagram page to your followers and ensure that they can link back to your website.

  3. Incorporate Hashtags

    Twitter may have started the hashtag thing, but Instagram will take it right through the roof. Using hashtags that are related to your captions in Instagram helps people track your posts discover who is talking to them. There is basically no limit to the number of hashtags you can use on Instagram, which comes in handy when you seek to attract a larger audience. Just be careful to regulate it, so as not to come up as a spammer.

  4. Storytelling on Instagram

    Further, promote your brand by posting the story behind it. Storytelling on Instagram is a great way to connect with your intended audience. Make it perfect by including pictures and videos.

  5. Offer Promotional Giveaways

    Running a content on Instagram can help build your following, improve your company’s image, and increase revenue. Remember to clearly define how people should enter the giveaway such that entering is a quick and easy process. Answering any questions from your followers makes the giveaway seem more real to them and improves your brand image. Adding an element of storytelling into your promotional giveaway marketing copy is a great way to promote your brand to your audience.

  6. Interact With Your Followers

    Interacting with your followers that comment on your posts allows you to further your marketing initiatives. This is a powerful tool as the people who you interacted with will clearly remember that time when their favorite brand responded to them. These comments make your brand appear more personal to your followers. In turn, you are building trust, which increases the likelihood that people will buy from you.

  7. Create Videos

    Since the Web 2.0 was launched, the amount of video watching has skyrocketed such that a third of all online activity is now spent watching videos. If you want to grow your business on Instagram, create a video to add an element of visual content marketing of your brand. Luckily, there are numerous mobile apps that allow you to easily shoot and edit videos.

  8. Post at the Right Time

    What is the right time to post? Well, when it comes to videos, you cannot expect people to watch them during work hours. While finding the most ideal time may take some trial and error as it may depend on your demographics of your ideal market, you should try lunchtime, early evening as people relax from a hard day’s worth of work, or over the weekends to experience increased engagement of your posts.

  9. Good luck!

    Fortune favors the bold. Marketing your business on Instagram is a bold move and it will most likely succeed if you do it right. Well there you have it, folks, these secrets will ensure your business grows through Instagram.

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