The 6 Step Guide of How To Integrate Google+ Into Your Marketing Plan

The 6 Step Guide of How To Integrate Google+ Into Your Marketing Plan

Businesses that are not on Google+ are missing out in a valuable digital marketing opportunity. Google+ is one of the fastest growing social media platforms with more than 2.5 billion profiles, and 300 million monthly active users. By creating a profile, you will experience how Google+ will enhance your business's marketing plan when you manage your page well. Furthermore, your activity on Google+ provides you with higher authority, which gives you more favorable search engine optimization, since it helps them with their goal of helping people find information.

Here is what you need to do to get your own page set up for your company:

1. Create a Page

Business owners can simply create a Google+ for their business by logging into their Google My Business account, and enabling a Google+ page through their “My Account” dashboard.

Some businesses create their multiple pages to optimize their marketing strategy. You could have one main page that focuses on your overall company and then smaller pages that may focus on various subsidiaries of your company, which helps you become more targeted in your marketing approach.

Provide a quick overview of your business under the Story section on the About me page, and include links to specific key services that you offer. This company should include keywords to make it SEO friendly, and use bullets in your description to make it simple for customers to skim a list of products and services that your business offers.

One of the most highly overlooked, yet simplest activities that you can complete on Google+ is to reserve a custom, branded URL, which requires that you have more than 10 followers, a profile photo, have good standing, and your account must be at least 30 days old. Creating a custom URL makes your page easier to find and share. You may remove your custom URL up to three times per year, and you can claim a new custom URL once your old URL has been removed pending your profile’s eligibility.

2. Share Content & Invite Others

When you log onto your Google+ account, you will be able to choose the page that you want to post on. You can then post videos, images, and text on your profile. It is recommended to post third party content to increase the credibility of your page since it positions yourself as a useful source of content on a specific topic. Optimize all your images so they look attractive when followers share them throughout the Google+ platform.

When you post within Google+, you want to use an asterisk (*) to create bold headlines, an underscore (_) to utilize italics, and a dash (-) to create a strikethrough.

Invite people to follow your page and follow other profiles that are relevant to your business. Engage with their posts by clicking +1, commenting, and sharing the posts you like.

3. Circles & “+1”s

As opposed to the "Like" button on Facebook, clicking the"+1" button corresponds to someone liking your post on Google+. People can follow your page, and then you can separate your followers into Circles to help you in developing targeted messages within the platform.

4. Optimize Your Profile

Place a Google+ logo in the social media section of your website pages to encourage website visitors to follow you. In addition, include keywords in your posts to further help you maximize the SEO benefit from your posts on Google+.

If you are a well-known brand, you may want to go through the "Verified Name" process to build credibility for your business. Verification prohibits people who are not affiliate with your company to falsely create Google+ pages.

Utilize the Google+ commenting system in your blogs to allow users to see your blog and comments on the same page. The system also allows users to share your blog post within Google+ with just one click. Most importantly of all, your posts, blog content, and conversations will then enable your business’s website to become more discoverable within Google Searches.

5. Engage Others In Google+ Communities

Communities is the most underused, and one of the most productive ways to utilize the Google+ platform. Users may create their own community, or join an existing community through their personal and business accounts. Business owners who are interested in growing their business will engage in and start relevant conversations to gain visibility and thought leadership with others within the industry, and their prospective customers and partners. In addition, you will find higher quality conversations with less spam on Google+ since the platform since it has not grown to be as large as Facebook. Google+ only allows its users to post to one community at a time to prevent spam, which means that taking the time to post to multiple communities will take some time that will be worthwhile.

6. Utilize Google+ Collections

Businesses can collect and organize posts through Google+ Collections so that followers can easily see what they want to view. When you create Collections, make sure you create a Public Collection because you cannot edit this later. You should focus on creating collections that are relevant to your business and ones that people will love. Link Collections to your Business page because it will help you grow your Business page followers when your Collection followers grow.

Add an attractive header image as this is the first thing that potential followers see when they visit your collection. You would ideally want to use an image that is 1080px wide by 607px tall, and make sure that key elements of the picture are in the center as 124px on the top and 123px on the bottom of the image is hidden until a user clicks on the image. Avoid using the stock header images that are readily available in the platform because followers will construe those images as being boring.

Posting multiple times per day increases the likelihood that each of your posts will receive +1s and shares. You may want to also share you blog posts on your relevant Collections. Posting manually, even though some platforms such as Hootsuite allows posting to your collections, is recommended because it will allow you to customize hashtags and add formatting to help you improve the readability and discoverability on the platform. You will also see suggested hashtags as you type your posts.

Final Thoughts

Telling people about your business strategically and showing people a glimpse of your brand’s personality as explained in this guide will result in powerful business growth. Moreover, it will create a stronger bond between you and the people in your circle that share common values with your brand.

Reflect upon these considerations to ensure the benefit of your company’s investment in a new website is maximized. Partner with thе right company that will provide you with high quality social mediaposts and content that increases brand awareness, lead generation, and website traffic. For more information on top quality social media management services, please call End Business Consultants at 617-651-1457 or email us at

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