6 Strategies to Double Your Sales Using Facebook Ads

6 Strategies to Double Your Sales Using Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is the most versatile and effective way to growing your sales levels when planned and executed strategically. Though, companies who do not strategically plan their Facebook advertising will likely just be throwing their money down a black hole as cost per click can vary by 700%. This social media platform has largely become a pay to play platform that offers little opportunity to get organic reach when not paying for advertising due to the limited space that is inherently available in Facebook’s newsfeed.

There are numerous advertising strategies that could be deployed depending on the characteristics of your target market, value position, and sales process.

Here are six strategies to grow your business using Facebook Ads:

  1. Target your advertisements effectively: Facebook is set up to award advertisements with higher volumes of likes, comments, clicks, and shares with higher impression counts. Therefore, advertisers need to target their advertisement effectively to get the highest possible benefit from their advertising investment. Possible targeting options include, but are not limited to, age, interests, income, and net worth.

    However, keep in mind that Facebook does change the amount of impressions that they will deliver based on your targeting. After you enter any targeting, it is highly recommended that you check how the volume of your expected impressions changed. Sometimes, you could get a considerably better value by choosing a similar category or removing the targeting element.

    Working with the Power Editor and Ads Manager within ads.facebook.com will enable you to access the full range of features that Facebook offers to plan and execute the most ideal Facebook advertising campaign. Many people start to advertise on Facebook by clicking the attractive blue “Boost Post” button that is present by any of your company’s posts. Rarely, if ever, is this a good option because there are more options to plan a more effective advertisement campaign within the power editor.

    It may be more ideal for your business to display varying messaging within different geographical areas depending on the exact characteristics of your business. For example, you may want to display a specific offer that you have at a store location that is celebrating a grand opening that you may not want to display in an area of an existing store location that is not offering the same offer. Consider that the characteristics of your product or service offering may vary in different areas depending on the exact demographics of your customers.

  2. Post it organically first: When you post your advertisements organically first, you can get a reasonably good idea of what posts will likely perform better when you boost them. Share your posts occasionally with Facebook Groups that are relevant to your business to increase your insights of whether the post will perform well. However, do note that sharing posts into some specific Facebook Groups too often or in a way that violates the group’s rules could result in a bad impression for your brand or a ban from the respective groups at the discretion of the organizer.

  3. Use A/B Testing: Small variations of your advertisements can make a large difference in the results your advertisements. Using Facebook’s A/B testing tool ensures that you can get the most value from advertising by comparing slight variations of the same advertisement. Focus on varying key words of your advertisement such as switching specific words around. For example, these call-to-actions are worth A/B testing:
    “Get our widget now”
    “Buy our widget now”
    “Get our widget today”
    “Buy our widget today”

  4. Selectively use high quality pictures: Clear, high quality, relevant, and engaging pictures are very powerful when advertising on any platform, including Facebook. You want to ensure that limited, if any, text is utilized when advertising on Facebook because they show your advertisement less often once you have more than a minimal amount of text in your photos. Ensure that you also use high quality photos for your profile and cover pictures as this enhances your brand image with your profile visitors.

  5. Pair it up with a sales funnel: Businesses that offer a customized product or service that is priced high or offers a monthly subscription can find immense benefits in setting up a sales funnel. In a sales funnel, businesses utilize marketing platforms such as Builderall to offer an appealing, informative report to a targeted group of customers in exchange for their email address. Once the user has submitted their email address, you should then program the sales funnel to offer a relevant upsell to the free report that is provided in exchange for the email address. Afterward, use an email marketing solution, such as MailingBoss which is built into Builderall, to follow up and offer appropriate upsells to those who have provided their email address.

  6. Use Remarketing: Remarketing is a very effective way to reach customers that have already expressed interest in the products and services that your business offers. Some people who see a website being advertised that they recently visited may think it is confusing magic, but advertisers experience the highest return for investment with retargeting strategies. To further this strategy, you could offer them free shipping or a discount to come back to your website to finishing purchasing their product or service of interest.

    Likewise, it is very effective to pair up your Facebook and Google AdWords strategies for remarketing purposes. Simply allow Facebook to advertise to your cold audience and let the power of an emotionally appealing advertisement that drives visitors to click through to your website do its work. Then, use the remarketing lists for search ads boost bids to reach out to visitors who have visited your website before that did not purchase your product or service. Then, use remarketing strategies to boost bid amounts so that your advertisement appears in the first position, while being in lesser positions for those who have not visited before.

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