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The Power of Hosting Events for Your Business

Event hosting can be viewed as a way of promoting one’s business. Businesses should plan and execute events, especially in the healthcare, technology, and finance industries, to attract new business and cultivate relationships with existing clients. Now, as a small business owner, you may be tempted to think that this only works for giant corporations and large businesses out there, but hosting events in a marketing plan greatly enhances your initiatives. Last I checked, marketing strategies are ‘for all’. It doesn’t matter if your business is small scale, take advantage of this opportunity that the bigger fries are taking and popularize your business and brand.

Your event doesn’t need to be extravagant with hundreds of people in attendance; it is still beneficial for your business even if ten people show up.

Why host an event in the first place?

  • Exposure. If you have a business, you might be racking your brain on how you’ll expose it out there to the masses. Hosting an event is the grandest opportunity to expose your business. Your brand and company name will be gain visibility with throughout all of your promotion initiatives, which promotes your business to prospects without overtly selling. Making the event fun and memorable will only increase this benefit.

  • Targeted Audience. People choose to attend your event. This implies that your targeted audience will come as hopefully you will center your marketing initiatives around the demographics of your ideal prospect.

  • Better Customer Interaction. Events prove a genuine opportunity for socializing, as prospective clients get to talk to the management and employees. In turn, impressing attendees with these personal interactions will convert prospects into actual clients. Event hosting provides an opportunity for you to establish a personal relationship with your customers. Moreover, they get to see the face behind the products and services they like. As you’ve noticed, event hosting interacts positively with your business. However, this is only accurate if it goes smoothly.

Tips for hosting a successful event:

  • Ensure Your Registration System is Easy to Use. As you target your audience, ensure you make it easy for them to get to the event as your registration system is often their first impression of your business. People will easily lose interest if you make it difficult to register for your event and you sincerely don’t want that. If anything, their information they will provide may become valuable at a later time.

  • Keep Your Target Audience in Mind When You Plan The Event. Your event or a program should reach your target market in a relevant manner. For example, if your target customers are freelancers, host a seminar about what are the best sites to find work, or how to increase your income through freelancing. Bear in mind that people are after good and valuable information, to which after attending the event, they’ll feel they have learned something new and of value to them.

  • Capture Photographs and Video of the Event. Capturing the event in media projects a stronger impression of your business as it provides social proof that your business is involved in the community. In addition, posting media will provide greater visibility that will attract new prospects to your marketing channels.

Here’s a Few Alternatives:

If the staff of your business does not have the capacity to learn the ropes and then execute an event that is consistent with high standards, there are a few alternatives to consider:

  • Hire a Consultant.First, you may want to hire a consultant to plan and/or execute the event. This will keep your staff focused in running your business, while putting the tasks of running an exceptional event in the hands of experienced event planners.

  • Sponsor Another Event.Find an event that is consistent with your niche and reach out to the organizer to partner with their event. If there is no event within your niche, consider reaching out to professional associations in the industry or functional area of your business so that you can explore how you can partner with them.

Reflect upon these considerations to ensure the benefit of your company’s investment in hosting an event is maximized. Partner with the right company that will provide you with high quality planning and/or execution that increases brand awareness, lead generation, and website traffic. For more information on top quality professional event management services, please call End Business Consultants at 617-651-1457 or email us at

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